Goodbye to the Tropical Cherry Blossom

This year, many places in Malaysia were beautified by the arrival of the ‘Tropical Sakura’. I did not manage to take any good photos because it is already end of season.

Tabebuia风铃木 (1)

I took a few snapshots while waiting for colleagues on this weekend.

Tabebuia风铃木 (5)

I assumed the scientific name for this lovely flowering tree is Tabebuia Pentaphylla.

Tabebuia风铃木 (3)

The trees planted in Malaysia are often pink or white in color.

Tabebuia风铃木 (2)

It has beautiful trumpet shape and semi-transparent petals.

Tabebuia风铃木 (4)

I guess I have to wait for the next blooming season to catch another good glimpse of the flowers. Thank you for the flowering trees for brightening up my week.

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