Sungai Lembing

There are plenty of online travel resources about Sungai Lembing, so I only share a few snapshots taken this weekend.

Sungai Lembing (3)

Most visitors would either visit the Panorama Hill for the spectacular sunrise view, or the Rainbow waterfall.

Sungai Lembing (1)

Sungai Lembing is famous for few products produced using the ‘mountain water’, meaning river water. The popular food include tao fu, Lembing hand-made noodle, coconut biscuits etc.

Sungai Lembing (5)

The other popular snack is the charcoal roast pork (non-halal) only serving in the evening.

Sungai Lembing (2)

Tourists can walk around the small downtown, or drive along the river, passing by the Museum, abandoned mining site, and the crystal house was at the end of the trail.

Sungai Lembing (4)

We like to visit different attractions on every short visit. We will be back again to Sungai Lembing – a lovely weekend getaway town 40km from Kuantan.

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