Gunung Merapi–the fire mountain

Mount Merapi is the most active volcano in Indonesia, and possible in the entire region.

Mount Merapi (1)

The reason I made the trip to Mount Merapi because of the touching graffiti on the ruins. I saw them on the Internet about Kaliadem Village, which was destroyed during the October 2010 big eruption.

Mount Merapi (5)

I never seen any graffiti on the wall that gave me as much emotional impact as these artworks did on the ruins.

Mount Merapi (6)

153 people had been killed on 2010. The lava flowed through the valley and below is the sight after 2 years.

Mount Merapi (8)

Locals still like to live near the dangerous volcano due to the fertile land.

Mount Merapi (7)

There are mountain bikes and four-wheel drive vehicles bringing tourist for a tour. Some even attempt the hike to the summit to watch the sunrise.

Mount Merapi (3)

This highly volatile volcano still erupts every four years. It is amazing to see many farmers still living in close proximity to active volcanoes for the sake of finding a living.

Mount Merapi (4)

Hopefully the seismic monitoring technologies can help to give early warning to evacuate the villagers and save more lives.

Mount Merapi (2)

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