Plaosan Temple Complex

Candi Plaosan is an hidden gem only 1km away from the popular Prambanan Temple.

Candi Plaosan (3)

We visited Plaosan Complex during high noon, not an ideal time for snapshot. The giant guardian in from the temple is Dvarapala.

Candi Plaosan (9)

However, I am very impressed with with the relic and artworks.

Candi Plaosan (2)

Do you see any resemblance of the Balinese art? The temple complex was built around 850 AD.

Candi Plaosan (1)

Only the 2 main temples were still in place, restoration works are underway to restore the smaller shrines and stupas.

Candi Plaosan (4)

One must visit the main temple building.

Candi Plaosan (5)

Inside the dark (very dim) chambers, you can see some of the statues and relief.

Candi Plaosan (7)

The entrance fee to Plaosan Complex is only IRD5,000, same price as the parking fee.

Candi Plaosan (6)

If you are visiting Prambanan, do drop by Bugisan Village and visit the impressive temple complex.

Candi Plaosan (8)

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