Reliefs @ Borobudur

There are 1,460 narrative reliefs in Candi Borobudur, which makes it the most complete ‘story telling’ walls about the life of Buddha.

Borobudur reliefs (4)

The story starts from gallery 1 (east gate), and begins with the birth of Buddha; and the story ends at gallery 4 illustrating Buddha giving his first sermon.

Borobudur reliefs (5)

We did not follow the right sequence because we were walking down from the top terrace.

Borobudur reliefs (7)

These are some of the 368 statues.

Borobudur reliefs (3)

Most of the reliefs are corroded by weather and damaged.

Borobudur reliefs (13)

The panels and reliefs are still an eye opener due to the quantity.

Borobudur reliefs (10)

Considering that these sculptures were carved in the 8th century, and buried by volcano ashes and dirt, they still look great.

Borobudur reliefs (8)

Look at the expression of this eroded relief. The screaming expression so captivating.

Borobudur reliefs (1)

Below is one of the panel depicting the pregnant Queen Maya on a carriage.

Borobudur reliefs (11)

The visit reminds me a lot about the reliefs I saw at Angkor as well as in Bali.

Borobudur reliefs (9)

The 3D layered stone carving still look incredible artistic and real.

Borobudur reliefs (6)

I have plenty of other snapshots of the reliefs and do not want to bore you with more relief.

Borobudur reliefs (12)

If you dislike heritage and history, this place could be just another ancient ruins. If you appreciate culture and heritage, you can find many articles online related to UNESCO and about Borobudur.

1) Chandi borobudur – a Monument of Mankind by Dr. Soemono, 1976

2) Preserving Borobudur’s Narrative Relief Wall of UNESCO Cultural World Heritage, by Hary Gunarto, 2007

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