Stupas @ Borobudur

The square-holed stupas are one of the memorable structures at Candi Borobudur.

Borobudur stupas (4)

On the upper platform alone, there were already 72 stupas surrounding one large stupa.

Borobudur stupas (1)

There is a statue of Buddha inside each stupa.

Borobudur stupas (5)

In fact, the entire Borobudur structure is also a gigantic stupa. The pyramid shape monument has 3 tiers symbolize the realms of Buddhist cosmology (the world of desires, forms, and formless).

Borobudur stupas (7)

The sunrise view from the top of Borobudur is awesome.

Borobudur stupas (6)

Like all the remarkable ancient sacred temples, the choice of site was not coincident. Borobudur is between 2 volcanoes and 2 rivers.

Borobudur stupas (3)

It was a wonderful feeling of emptiness while immersing oneself in the magical sunrise at Borobudur.

Borobudur stupas (2)


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