Bird Market @ Yogyakarta

Personally, I think Pasar Burung is more interesting than many of the tourist attractions in Jogja such as palace or fort.

Yogyakarta Bird Market (3)

One gets to meet the locals and discover their passion for birds as a pet.

Yogyakarta Bird Market (6)

Unlike many expansive sites, entrance to the market is free.

Yogyakarta Bird Market (13)

There are plenty of shades but I would recommend to go in the morning (on a weekend).

Yogyakarta Bird Market (10)

It seemed to have equal number of people as compared to the birds.

Yogyakarta Bird Market (15)

There were also bird singing competition.

Yogyakarta Bird Market (18)

Some locals come to the market to trade the priced birds.

Yogyakarta Bird Market (12)

I am not a ‘bird person’ who like to keep bird as pet, but I do enjoy watching the colourful birds. And these chicks were not colour in nature, after dying with colours, they became popular pets for children.

Yogyakarta Bird Market (16)

It is a common scene in Indonesia to see shops and houses hang a few bird cages on the porch.

Yogyakarta Bird Market (1)

If you plan to visit the bird market, please take note that the bird market next to Tamasari (near the Sultan Palace) has moved to outskirt. A taxi ride from Malioboro is about IRD20,000.

Yogyakarta Bird Market (14)

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