Pasar Giwangan (Yogyakarta)

There is a less visited (by tourist) market at the outskirt of Yogyakarta town – the fruits and vegetables wholesaler market at Giwangan district.

Pasar Giwangan (1)

We visited the market by 9am, which was already too late as main activities started early 2am.

Pasar Giwangan (11)

Crowd already dispersed and only few stalls remained open.

Pasar Giwangan (10)

We did a quick walkabout and finished our visit within 30 minutes.

Pasar Giwangan (3)

If you took a taxi to this market, make sure you pay a little token and request the driver to wait for a while, as there is few taxi in the area to go back to town center.

Pasar Giwangan (8)

I think the ideal time to visit this market is around 6am (after sunrise).

Pasar Giwangan (2)

There could be more trading activities during the before dawn.

Pasar Giwangan (13)

By 9am, the merchants were resting and doing their chores or packing.

Pasar Giwangan (12)

Some are selling satay and food for housewives to prepare the open fast dinner in the evening.

Pasar Giwangan (9)

The warung (food stall) was closed because this market is for locals and not to entertain tourists (like Malioboro Street).

Pasar Giwangan (7)

Some stalls that selling dry goods were still open.

Pasar Giwangan (6)

This was my first time seeing a pile of real Buah Keluak. A type of very poisonous fruit if not cooked properly. We tasted the Chicken Buah Keluak a month ago in Melaka, Malaysia. These fruits contain Hydrogen Cyanide, and they are the delicacy to the locals.

Pasar Giwangan (5)

Although our visit was brief, it was a nice trip to a local market away from Malioboro.

Pasar Giwangan (4)


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