Pets @ Pasar Burung

It was an eye opener when we visited the bird market at Yogyakarta.

Yogyakarta Bird Market (7)

The variety of birds and pets were amazing.

Yogyakarta Bird Market (2)

We saw fish, dogs, cats, lizards, bats, squirrels and even cooked chicken.

Yogyakarta Bird Market (4)

The mesh frame of the cages post challenge for photography. I have to use wider aperture and move in a particular distance to slight blur out the lines.

Yogyakarta Bird Market (11)

The fried bird were inside a glass cage behind a motor bike. The door was opened as the merchant won’t worry the birds would escape.

Yogyakarta Bird Market (17)

Not all the birdies were treat in great condition. Any how, the venue is for the sales of birds. It was common to see many birds being cramped into a cage waiting for the new owner.

Yogyakarta Bird Market (9)

Personally I preferred birds given freedom to fly and to jump on branches. The rabbits have a bit more freedom. In many part of the world, rabbit meat is gradually replacing other red and white meats as additional source of protein.

Yogyakarta Bird Market (8)

Ants are full of proteins too. There are many stores selling bird feeds.

Yogyakarta Bird Market (5)

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