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Street views @ Bangkok

I prefer to visit the old town instead of the high rise buildings or shopping mall.

Bangkok Chinatown (4)

We got the chance to interact with the locals and spending less time in the traffic jam.

Thanon Phloen Chit



A quick visit to Tanjung Sepat

We made a quick stop at Tanjung Sepat and Batu Laut just now.

Kg Batu Laut



I woke up late this morning. Since the sky looked bright, we decided to make a trip to the coastal town.

Sekinchan (1)

By the time we reached Bagan Sekinchan, it was already noon time. I took the standard shot at the same place (also using Diorama Art Filter in my camera). The inland canal was as muddy as usual.

Sekinchan (6)



Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia (IAMM)

IAMM is one of the rare museum in Malaysia that I would recommend any tourist to visit.

Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia  (25)

Almost all the Malaysian Museums prohibit visitor to take picture. Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia allows visitors to take (no-flash) photograph without any surcharge.

Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia  (22)


Colourful Islamic Art

The Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia (IAMM) is a cosy museum to spend 1-2 hours on the hot Malaysian afternoon.

Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia  (15)

From cloth, carpet to embroidery, repetitive patterns dominate the design. The museum has a wide spectrum of the Islamic art collection.

Illustrative documents and books:

Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia  (12)


Symmetry in Islamic Art

I am not an academic scholars but I could notice lots of symmetry used in the Islamic geometric art.

Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia (2)

In the month of Ramadan, I thought it would be good to visit the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia (IAMM). The building above is the office block. The museum gallery is the lower block of building below the hill.

Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia (5)

Arabesque is a form a Islamic art that adopts repeating geometric patterns. Such beautiful art works often can be seen on the architectural elements like wall, floor, ceiling, windows. There is no better place to admire the beauties than the air-conditioned and modern Islamic Arts Museum.


Teluk Intan 安顺

Every time we passed by Teluk Intan, we would take a picture of the clock tower.

Teluk Intan (4)

Since 1885, the tower had retired the role as a water tank and become the tourism clock tower. It is still ‘leaning’ and standing tall. Ramadhan bazaar stalls have been occupying the square during the month of Ramadhan.

Teluk Intan (1)