Memory Lane (Ipoh)

There is a flea market (Pasar Karat) on every Sunday morning at the Memory Lane, Ipoh.

Ipoh Memori Lane (3)

I could find many second hands and used items of the yesteryears. It really triggered my memory of the old days (I am not that old but old enough to used most of those objects before).

Ipoh Memori Lane (6)

If you dare to drink, you can buy an unopened glass bottle soft drink.

Ipoh Memori Lane (7)

Half of the market was occupied by flea market.

Ipoh Memori Lane (2)

Many locals like to shop for antiques or obsolete spare parts.

Ipoh Memori Lane (5)

There were also plenty of fruit and food stalls.

Ipoh Memori Lane (4)

You can even buy a house from this flea market.

Ipoh Memori Lane (1)

After completing our visit, it is time to have a authentic Old Town White Coffee at old town, and then heads towards our next destination. I saw these lovely dried star fish which can be used a traditional medicine ingredient.

Ipoh Oldtown (8)

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