Pangkor Island

We spent over an hour at the (little) town next to the jeti at Pangkor Island.

Pulau Pangkor (5)

We walked towards the fishing village, about 10 minutes from the Jeti.

Pulau Pangkor (4)

Pulau Pangkor (2)

The famous produces are dried Ikan Bilis and satay fish. We bought some as a ‘proof’ that we stopped by Pangkor.

Pulau Pangkor (1)

The young man of the shop showed off some of the local catch of the day to us. When I looked for the signage for his store, what I saw was a cute sign.

Pulau Pangkor (6)

Besides seafood, the rest of the produces were shipped from mainland.

Pulau Pangkor (3)

We walked pass a local shop that made noodles for the local market.

Pulau Pangkor (8)

We ordered stir-fried noodle ( 炒本地面线 ) at the restaurant and the tasted fairly good.

Pulau Pangkor (7)

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