Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia (IAMM)

IAMM is one of the rare museum in Malaysia that I would recommend any tourist to visit.

Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia  (25)

Almost all the Malaysian Museums prohibit visitor to take picture. Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia allows visitors to take (no-flash) photograph without any surcharge.

Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia  (22)

I do like the architecture of the Terengganu State Museum, but they prohibit visitors to bring bags and camera. visitors have to lock their belongings outside the museum before entering. Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia even allows visitors to carry your bag into the souvenir stores and anywhere in the gallery, what a welcoming museum.

Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia  (23)

I am happy to pay the RM10 entrance fee because it supports the museum in the upkeep of the facilities. (note: if there is major exhibition, the entrance fee is RM12)

Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia  (21)

Many of the museum have mouldy scene and dim lighting. The visiting experience is more like visiting haunted house in the theme park. IAMM is a modern museum that is at par as other international museums.

Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia  (18)

95% of the exhibits were inside glass(?) housing.

Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia  (17)

The reflections do post challenges to visitors who like to take pictures.

Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia  (16)

The overall experience was very pleasant.

Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia  (20)

If you have an hour to spare, IAMM would be a great museum for everyone especially art lovers.

Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia  (19)

You may discover a few interesting artefacts such as marriage certificate, or the baby cradle (picture below).Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia  (24)

2 thoughts on “Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia (IAMM)

  1. Islamic art is very beautiful. I visited many galleries on Islamic art in art museums, but did not have the chance to visit an Islamic art museum. Thank you for introducing this museum.

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