A quick visit to Tanjung Sepat

We made a quick stop at Tanjung Sepat and Batu Laut just now.

Kg Batu Laut

I have been to Tanjung Sepat numerous time, but so far no luck in witnessing dramatic sunset. The dark storm cloud was covering the sun. We had a brief encounter with the ‘rainbow next to the sun’.

Tanjung Sepat (1)

Due to the long weekend, locals were pouring to tourist hotspots as family outing. The coastal towns like Tanjung Sepat and Sekinchan were filled with people.

Tanjung Sepat (3)

We stopped by the Lovers Bridge. I bought few packs of passion fruits (produced from nearby Banting and Sepang farms) and drank 3 bottles of the passion fruit juice on the spot.

Tanjung Sepat (2)

We spent less than an hour in Tanjung Sepat.

Tanjung Sepat (5)

Normally you can see local (lovers?) sitting on these lazy chairs and enjoying the sea breeze. Today, most of the locals were busy earning tourist money or avoiding the crowd.

Tanjung Sepat (4)

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