I woke up late this morning. Since the sky looked bright, we decided to make a trip to the coastal town.

Sekinchan (1)

By the time we reached Bagan Sekinchan, it was already noon time. I took the standard shot at the same place (also using Diorama Art Filter in my camera). The inland canal was as muddy as usual.

Sekinchan (6)


Today is Sunday and also the first day of Hari Raya Aidilfitri, so most of the people are resting on this festive holiday.

Sekinchan (2)

The noon time sun was strong so we did not walk too much.

Sekinchan (5)

A quick tour to the processed fish products factory. The owner still remembered my last visit because he gave a detailed direction to the Redang Beach at Sekinchan.

Sekinchan (4)

The owner setup a new sales outlet right opposite the cooking factory.

A bucket of fish air bladders were drying under the sun (something I don’t eat).

Sekinchan (3)

August is time to plant for new crop so that the padi field can be harvested by end of the year.

Sekinchan (8)

I love to see traditional stilt house on padi field. It was my childhood memory (or drawing ‘sample’) of how padi field looked like (blue sky, white clouds, coconut trees, wooden stilt house, green padi fields…)

Sekinchan (9)

The sunlight was harsh during noon time. I am still happy to be outdoor instead of spending the day inside the shopping mall.

Sekinchan (7)

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