Street views @ Bangkok

I prefer to visit the old town instead of the high rise buildings or shopping mall.

Bangkok Chinatown (4)

We got the chance to interact with the locals and spending less time in the traffic jam.

Thanon Phloen Chit

Gradually the old houses have to make way on the name of development.

Bangkok Chinatown (3)

Losing heritage buildings and forcing residence to move outskirt are the trend in many Asian countries.

Chao Phraya River

Most of the wooden stilt houses along the Chao Phraya river are replaced by office buildings and river view hotels.

Siam Paragon

One of the sad view was the small stores in Siam Square were replaced (perhaps another modern shopping mall?). Soon, we may not able to find the traditional ground shops in Bangkok.

Bangkok Chinatown (1)

I love to visit the old towns in ASEAN countries before we lost them forever in the next 10 years.


Old things may not be junk. Heritage and culture are the soul of a city.

Bangkok Chinatown (2)

I hope the authority keep an eye to protect the valuable heritage. Once they were lost, we lost them forever.

Grand Palace police


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