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Art Expo Malaysia 2012

Art Expo Malaysia started since year 2006 initiated by Mr Vincent Sim.

Whispering by Lee Sin Bee

Since then, it has grew to become a major art event in the country, with event sales over RM10 million.

Kwan Kung vs Captain America

The recent events have been held at MATRADE (Kuala Lumpur). The exhibition includes mixture of Asian and Western arts. It was best illustrated by this Kwan Kong versus Captain America painting by R. Sumantri MS.



1Malaysia Tourism Lantern Festival 2012

Today was the 3rd day since the Lantern Festival launched on 21 September, at Central Market (Kuala Lumpur).

Central Market Mid-Autumn Festival 2012 (2)

What we saw was the ‘left over’ from last Friday opening.

Central Market Mid-Autumn Festival 2012 (3)

This underwater scene was the 1st price winner made by students.


Experimental Flash Macro

After hiking at Gasing Hill, we headed to the Butterfly Park in Kuala Lumpur. The objective was to test out an experimental DIY flash that I made last night.

KL Butterfly Park (7)

All pictures were taken with JPEG. The image above was original without any cropping or adjustment. It was taken with Olympus E-M5 and 50mm 4/3 lens.

The colour came out alright. No colour adjustment on any of the photos.

KL Butterfly Park (9)


The drying Taiping Lake Gardens

I tried my best to adjust the camera angles to present the better aspect of Taiping Lake Gardens.

Taiping Lake Garden (8)

I would avoid those dried up lotus ponds, drains and lakes.

Taiping Lake Garden (7)


Saving the century old rain trees @ Taiping Lake Gardens

Sometimes it is hard to understand what the authority was thinking. The local council planned to construct a RM3.6 million food kiosks and souvenir stores underneath the precious rain trees.

Rain Tree (7)

You could see the blue fence with a construction signage on the left. Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM) has expressed the concern that the construction might damage the root system of the iconic rain trees. After a huge public protest in August 2012, the local council finally decided to move the construction site to another part of the lake gardens.

Personally, I think people want a green park and not some tourist kiosks that often being abandoned (after spending millions).

Rain Tree (6)


Kuala Sepetang

We made a detour to Kuala Sepetang on our way to Taiping.

Port Weld (Kuala Sepetang) (2)

It was a raining day, with cloudy sky and drizzling the whole day. We stopped by the famous charcoal factory at Matang.

Kuala Sepetang Charcoal Factory (2)


Not so new Ipoh New Town

Ipoh New Town is ‘relatively new’ if compared to Ipoh Old Town separated by the Sungai Kinta river.

Ipoh (10)

It was nice to have a stroll along the old shop houses.

Ipoh (9)

Mid-Autumn Festival is 2-weeks away, so we could find the traditional lanterns on display. It is hard to find this type of hand-made lanterns in Kuala Lumpur. Kids started to play with digital candles (really has such an app) on iPad.

Ipoh (6)