Street Food in Bangkok

We visited few restaurants and some eateries. The recommended ones are Ban Khun Mae (Siam Square) and Cabbages & Condoms (Sukhumvit).

Bangkok 2012 (2)

You do your own research and find out the reviews about these 2 restaurants. Since this is not my usual personal tour, I won’t have time to cover many sites.

Bangkok 2012 (4)

The images you see in this trip were mostly point and shoot along the way.

Bangkok 2012 (3)

I was experimenting using Google My Place with a local mobile Internet (plus GPS), thus my focus was on the road to make sure I led the team to the right place on time.

Bangkok 2012 (13)

Bangkok has simply too many temptations for desserts and foods.

Bangkok 2012 (8)

Most of the merchants and locals were very friendly.

Bangkok 2012 (10)

There were plenty of fruits and fresh fruit juice. My favourite is the freshly squeezed lime.

Bangkok 2012 (11)

Most Malaysian will prefer the local Malaysian durian, and will avoid the Thailand durian which is sweeter and milder taste. When it comes to dragon eye, those produced in Thailand has to be better quality (not sure about the amount of pesticide applied). Dragon eye can be eaten as fresh fruit, dried fruit and even good as herbal tea or dessert.

Bangkok 2012 (9) 

Grilled and fried items were the most popular hawker food.

Bangkok 2012 (5)

Fish and meat were as common as vegetable dishes (and mango salad is my all time favourite salad).

Bangkok 2012 (1)

Tourists would often added few pounds after a long trip to Thailand.

Bangkok 2012 (12)

Chatuchak Weekend Market is a good place to sample many snacks and local street food.

Bangkok 2012 (6)

I am starting to feel hungry now ….

Bangkok 2012 (7)

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