Pause for foods @ Muar

Muar is a coastal town 40km from Melaka Heritage City.

Muar (3)

The town is famous for lion dance (the world champion Kuan Seng Keng), Teochew and Hainanese food, and the well known Otak-otak.

Muar (5)

We stopped over at Muar (in fact it was a 80km round trip detour) just for the great choices of food in Muar.

Muar (6)

In the 2 hours walk around town, we have eaten until we cannot eat anymore, and decided to come back for another day.

Muar (4)

The most memorable dishes we had on this weekend has to be this Hainanese Curry Rice 海南咖喱饭 stall at Lo San Restaurant 卢山菜馆.  The recipe was passed down for 3 generations, and the curry was damn good.

Muar (2)

Don’t let the plain look deceive you. There were so many ingredient (including salty fish) inside this plate, you will be surprised by the addictive taste. There were many toppings you can add, the great option is the stuffed bean curb 海南酿豆腐.

Muar (1) 

The owner saw we were taking interest in his food and come for a chit chat. I wished him all the best for serving his family recipe well. We will be back again in the future trip. We walked along the Glutton Street 贪食街 and just eat along the way.

Muar (7)

Most of the tourists would buy (pack) the food from the roadside stalls and eat inside the restaurant. The popular choice is Kim San Public Cooked-Food Market 金山大众市场。 The foods and drinks were average for me. So we move on for our food hunt.

Muar (9)

The above snack was another popular roadside food. RM2 for 10 pieces, and that was the last pack. The stall opened as early as 6:30am and ended by noon.

Muar (13)

One of the unique satay in Muar is the Blood Clam Satay. I think the store opened in the afternoon. We have to come back again on another overnight trip to discover more good foods that only open at night and in the early morning.

Muar (15)

We continued eating cendol and wanton mee. The famous wanton mee in Muar is this stall at the entrance of the back lane.

Muar (16)

The wanton mee was a bit too sweet to my liking, it was alright but not worth driving 2.5 hours from KL to eat this meal.

Muar (19)

We walked pass more food stalls but couldn’t eat any more, so we focus on the pre-war shop houses that still can be seen in Muar town.

Muar (18)

New shop houses were replacing many of the century old buildings.

Muar (8)

The town is definitely worth visiting for a full day.

Muar (14)

The sunset view along the Muar River is another highlight for tourists who hang around in the evening. Due to work, I have to move on to my destination, so I have to skip the sunset view.

Muar (17)

We spent about 2 hours in Muar town area. We were surprised by the number of foreign workers enjoying their off day (on Sunday) in town area. The local fishery and plantations hire lots of foreign resources to help out in the labour works.

Muar (10)

The electronic lantern started to make their appearance for the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Muar (11)

Muar is definitely a good detour if you are on your way to Melaka or Johor Bharu.

Muar (12)

We have been to Muar numerous times but we have tried out more foods during this trip. We will definitely be back again for the lion dance and sunset view.

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