Saving the century old rain trees @ Taiping Lake Gardens

Sometimes it is hard to understand what the authority was thinking. The local council planned to construct a RM3.6 million food kiosks and souvenir stores underneath the precious rain trees.

Rain Tree (7)

You could see the blue fence with a construction signage on the left. Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM) has expressed the concern that the construction might damage the root system of the iconic rain trees. After a huge public protest in August 2012, the local council finally decided to move the construction site to another part of the lake gardens.

Personally, I think people want a green park and not some tourist kiosks that often being abandoned (after spending millions).

Rain Tree (6)

Thank you Christine to post at the trees, so you could picture how visitors and locals love to relax underneath the rain trees.

Rain Tree (8)

I would prefer such a beautiful park should ban heavy vehicles running through the root system.

Rain Tree (4)

I couldn’t imagine such a serene sight might be ‘contaminated’ by a concrete hawker kiosks underneath the trees.

Rain Tree (5)

The rain trees have been over 120 years old, and they are one of its kind in Malaysia.

Rain Tree (1)

The council should spend the 3 millions to pump water to the drying (or near death) ponds.

Rain Tree (3)

I hope the trees are still standing on our next visit. Who knows what other ‘creative’ projects that the Municipal Council could come out with? I just saw a new (huge) McDonald at the entrance of the Lake Gardens, and lots of trash (of McD and KFC) underneath the trees, but no sight of rubbish bins.

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