The drying Taiping Lake Gardens

I tried my best to adjust the camera angles to present the better aspect of Taiping Lake Gardens.

Taiping Lake Garden (8)

I would avoid those dried up lotus ponds, drains and lakes.

Taiping Lake Garden (7)

The lakes were at their worst shape last 2 months, where almost all the ponds were dried up.

Taiping Lake Garden (2)

Today, the water level has not recovered to the usual depth, but at least tourists can row boats and playing remote controlled jet boat.

Taiping Lake Garden (3)

On a good day, visitors could see mirror-liked reflection on the ponds.

Taiping Lake Garden (1)

We were lucky to have a sunny break for few hours. By 12 noon, the sky has over shadowed by storm clouds, and it started to rain.

Taiping Lake Garden (6)

Taiping Lake Gardens was the first public garden opened on 1880. I love the greenery of this man-made lake.

Taiping Lake Garden (5)

The signature trees are the century old rain trees that bend across the road, with branches touching the water.

Rain Tree (2)

We made a brief walk around the main pond.

Taiping Lake Garden (4)

On the return trip this morning, we stopped by well groomed World War II War Cemetery.

Taiping War Cemetery

Next time I may re-visit Maxwell Hill. It has been more than 25 years since I last walked up the hill.

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