Experimental Flash Macro

After hiking at Gasing Hill, we headed to the Butterfly Park in Kuala Lumpur. The objective was to test out an experimental DIY flash that I made last night.

KL Butterfly Park (7)

All pictures were taken with JPEG. The image above was original without any cropping or adjustment. It was taken with Olympus E-M5 and 50mm 4/3 lens.

The colour came out alright. No colour adjustment on any of the photos.

KL Butterfly Park (9)

KL Butterfly Park (6)

I am still new to flash photography, so I am experimenting with different strength of the flash power. For this spider, I tried to illuminate its translucent body by blasting extra strong light onto the tiny spider.

KL Butterfly Park (1)

The spider and the baby mantis were about the size of my finger nail. They love to hide in between the leaves.

KL Butterfly Park (3)

I think the flash diffuser need more improvement. It was hard to manoeuvre underneath the branches and leaves.  I am taken the shoot from bottom up to illuminate the butterfly underneath its wing, but then the leave was washed out.

KL Butterfly Park (2)

Another failure was trying to get surrounding light for the caterpillar.

KL Butterfly Park (5)

All the shots were taken with aperture between F8-F13, the depth of field still not sufficient when I am getting too close to the subject.

KL Butterfly Park (8)

Anyway,  I have a fun-filled hour failing. More practices and experiments to get the right technique.

KL Butterfly Park (4)

One thought on “Experimental Flash Macro

  1. Great work! Thanks a lot for sharing. I used to stay/work in KL for aoslmt 10 years and it’s fun to look at photos of KL after a long absence. Gotta drop by KL someday soon.

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