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Country road from Kuala Lumpur to Johor Bahru

We often ‘torture’ ourselves with long journey from point A to point B by not taking the expressway.

Minyak Beku

The disadvantage is taking 14 hours to cover 5 hours journey, and burning more fuels.


Despite it was raining, we manage to see more local towns and to sample the local foods. The first picture was testing a sweep panorama (failed due to my first practice, you can see the ‘bands’) but it was fun to travel to beach without tar road (Minyak Beku, near Batu Pahat).

Melaka Padi Field 2



Johor Bahru Old Town

Every city should have its own heritage trail or old quarter.

Johor Bahru Old Town (4)

Red Mansion #56 has the landmark along Jalan Tan Hiok Nee. Many cultural events were held during weekends at this junction. If there is opened air performance, a nice spot to be is the roof top of the opposite pub/saloon (My Little Corner). I like the unexpected grape plant greeting the passers-by.

Johor Bahru Old Town (1) 

The local pointed a cat perching on the roof top, which was its usual hangout place overlooking the pedestrians.

Johor Bahru Old Town (3)


Johor Bahru Heritage Trail

As the second largest city in Malaysia, Johor Bahru (JB) has its fair share of history and heritage to share with the visitors.

Sultan Ibrahim Building (2)

I visited JB several times but did not really take time to admire some of the nice architectures around the old town area.

Johor Old Chinese Temple 柔佛古庙 (2)


Chinese Temple @ Batu Pahat 峇株吧辖白沙浮建南寺

We made a detour from Kuala Lumpur to Johor Bahru, and decided to take the coastal road from Batu Pahat to Kukup.

Batu Pahat Chinese Temple 柔佛州峇株吧辖白沙浮建南寺 (3)

On the way to the town center, I was attracted by an impressive looking Chinese Temple. So we made a U-turn, and found the temple name ‘Jian Nan Si?’ (建南寺).

I decided to test out a point-and-shoot camera. So I pointed to the dragon statue on top of the roof.

Batu Pahat Chinese Temple 柔佛州峇株吧辖白沙浮建南寺 (4)

Did you notice the 3 dragon flies dancing with the dragon?

Further zoom at 600mm revealed more delicate craftsmanship of the porcelain statues.

Batu Pahat Chinese Temple 柔佛州峇株吧辖白沙浮建南寺 (5)

This temple was established since 1953 and newly renovated in 1998 (sponsored by Tan Sri Lee Kim Yew 丹斯里李金友). The workmanship was impressive.

Batu Pahat Chinese Temple 柔佛州峇株吧辖白沙浮建南寺 (2)

It was pure luck that the ‘temple is calling’ me for a stop over. I am glad we did pay a visit to this Chinese temple. Along the coastal road towards Johor Bahru, we noticed there were few more relatively impressive temples.

Batu Pahat Chinese Temple 柔佛州峇株吧辖白沙浮建南寺 (1)

Wishing the temples can bring peace of mind and prosperity to the devotees.

9th Day of the Nine Emperor Gods Festival 2012

Tonight was the last night of 2012 celebration of the Nine Emperor Gods Festival. Tomorrow with the closing day.

Nine Emperor Gods Festival 九皇爷诞 2012  (15)

The weather was surprisingly good this evening. Everyone expected another raining day but it turned out to be calm and clear sky.

Nine Emperor Gods Festival 九皇爷诞 2012  (11)

If it rained, it could dampen the display of fire walk.

Nine Emperor Gods Festival 九皇爷诞 2012  (6)


Fire Walk (Nine Emperor Gods Festival 2012)

Fire walking is the finale and the climax of the Nine Emperor Gods Festival at Ampang.

Nine Emperor Gods Festival 九皇爷诞 2012  (13)

It was a steamy hot event to close off the 9th day of the festival.

Nine Emperor Gods Festival 九皇爷诞 2012  (3a)


Navarathiri Arts Festival 2012 (KLNAF)

Navarathiri Festival is a 9 days celebration dedicated to the worship of Goddess Shakti.

Navarathiri 2012 (2)

Special credit to the Malay dancer above who did a splendid performance of the Indian dance.

Navarathiri 2012 (7)

Many online resources would have elaborate description of this festival (a.k.a Navatri). Central Market is promoting the cultural dance in collaboration with Asthana Arts Kuala Lumpur, and 10 Indian  classical dancing schools.

Navarathiri 2012 (6)