Navarathiri Arts Festival 2012 (KLNAF)

Navarathiri Festival is a 9 days celebration dedicated to the worship of Goddess Shakti.

Navarathiri 2012 (2)

Special credit to the Malay dancer above who did a splendid performance of the Indian dance.

Navarathiri 2012 (7)

Many online resources would have elaborate description of this festival (a.k.a Navatri). Central Market is promoting the cultural dance in collaboration with Asthana Arts Kuala Lumpur, and 10 Indian  classical dancing schools.

Navarathiri 2012 (6)

Many Hindu temples are celebrating the 9 forms of Goddess Shakti over 10 days (9 nights).

Navarathiri 2012 (3)

Some temples organize dancing performance inside the temple too.

Navarathiri 2012 (4)

I am glad that admission for the event is free, thus many visitors could be benefited to view the Indian classical and contemporary dance performances. One suggestion to the management of Central Market is to improve the lightning condition and backdrop of the performance stage.

Navarathiri 2012 (8)

The performance will end on 24 Oct. If you like cultural show, do drop by Central Market in the evening and give the performers clapping hands.

Navarathiri 2012 (1)

Do pay attention to their detailed expressions, movements and also the accessories. Very enchanting performances.

Navarathiri 2012 (5)

Thank you for the gurus and students for giving everyone a splendid showcase of the Indian dances.

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