Johor Bahru Old Town

Every city should have its own heritage trail or old quarter.

Johor Bahru Old Town (4)

Red Mansion #56 has the landmark along Jalan Tan Hiok Nee. Many cultural events were held during weekends at this junction. If there is opened air performance, a nice spot to be is the roof top of the opposite pub/saloon (My Little Corner). I like the unexpected grape plant greeting the passers-by.

Johor Bahru Old Town (1) 

The local pointed a cat perching on the roof top, which was its usual hangout place overlooking the pedestrians.

Johor Bahru Old Town (3)

One can cover the few short blocks within 30 minutes, but I would say this is my favourite part of Johor Bahru.

Johor Bahru Old Town (2)

There were many details waiting for travellers to explore.

Johor Bahru Old Town (5)

If you like foods, there are few famous restaurants and bakery shops in the old quarter.

Johor Bahru Old Town (8)

The 2 famous coal furnace bakery shop with long heritage and memories to local residents:

(1) Salahuddin Bakery (1937), No. 26 Jalan Dhoby

Johor Bahru Old Town (7)

It Roo Cafe opposite the bakery shop is crowned the title ‘best chicken chop in town’. I preferred the grilled chicken chop with black pepper sauce (over the fried chicken chop). The menu and taste of the Hainanese foods reminded me of the Coliseum Cafe Restaurant in Kuala Lumpur.

(2) Kedai Roti & kek Hiap Joo (协裕面包西菓店)

Johor Bahru Old Town (6)

Big crowd will be queuing up before 12 noon for the freshly baked buns (signature bun is the coconut bun). The shop will be baking banana cake at night. Highly recommended to try to moist banana cake.

Both bakeries have been passing down to the current third generation to continue the business.

While waiting, Kim Wah coffee shop opposite Hiap Joo is a good place for a cup of coffee and kaya butter toast bread. This Chinese shop also offers very popular Nasi Lemak  (sold out before 9am) and Nasi Padang.

There are few more good eateries if you walk along Jalan Trus towards Johor Old Chinese Temple (柔佛古庙).

Johor Old Chinese Temple 柔佛古庙 (3)

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