Country road from Kuala Lumpur to Johor Bahru

We often ‘torture’ ourselves with long journey from point A to point B by not taking the expressway.

Minyak Beku

The disadvantage is taking 14 hours to cover 5 hours journey, and burning more fuels.


Despite it was raining, we manage to see more local towns and to sample the local foods. The first picture was testing a sweep panorama (failed due to my first practice, you can see the ‘bands’) but it was fun to travel to beach without tar road (Minyak Beku, near Batu Pahat).

Melaka Padi Field 2

We took Road #5 all the way to Kukup, reaching by 8pm to try the asam fish. We will plan for future trip to spend more time at the mangrove forest which is a national park (less well known to many).

Recommended restaurant is High King Seafood Restaurant (海晶海鲜楼) at the end of the fishing village (7 Kukup Laut, 82300 Kukup, Pontian, Johor). The fried chillie crab is very popular (RM40/kg).

There are many great seafood eateries along the coastal road. One of the recommended place to stop over for Asam Pedas fish is Parit Jawa. Almost the entire fishing village serve the same dish – Asam Pedas.

Parit Jawa 3

We ate the Asam Fish at Gerai Makanan Laut Hai Yen ( 海燕亚参咖喱鱼头, 巴冬海口渔村), No 4, Pusat Ikan Bakar, Pantai Parit Jawa, 84150 Muar, Johor. RM13.50 for a thick asam fish fillet, the otak-otak (RM9) taste great too.

Parit Jawa 1

If you follow Route 5 from Muar to Batu Pahat, Parit Jawa not far from Muar.

Parit Jawa 2

If you pass by Batu Pahat, do stop over to have a cup of coffee at Rengit Coffee (name of coffee shop along Jalan Rahmat). You will also pass by a real town called Rengit where the coffee beans was produced local (branded as Dangan). I personally think the package coffee bags do not taste as good as the freshly brew beans at the shop.

Pontian is a major town near Johor Bahru. If you like to watch sunset, the river mouth of Sungai Pontian Besar is one of the good spot.

Pontian 2

It was drizzling on the day when we passed by Pontian, so I showed you the muddy beach front instead of sunset view.

Pontian 3

Johor is the largest producing state of pineapple in Malaysia. The unique pineapple museum is located nearer to Pontian town than the Pineapple Town (Pekan Nanas).

Pekan Nanas

I learned that the pineapple called Sarawak was indeed N36. Pure breed is not common but still could be found at Air Itam. I should search for the pineapple on my next trip to drink Kluang coffee.

We stay at a new hotel at the outskirt of Johor Bahru, and have a good view of the river bank (Sungai Teberau).

Johor Bahru Sungai Teberau

This posting was a random post of some of the view along the way from KL to JB. It was nice to stop over at the padi fields in Melaka and watch the locals fishing tiny fish at the irrigation canals.

Melaka Padi Field

If you always take the highway from point A to point B, you can consider taking the country roads. It makes one appreciate that sometime the journey is more rewarding than reaching the destination in the shortest time.

2 thoughts on “Country road from Kuala Lumpur to Johor Bahru

  1. Marisol@TravelingSolemates says:

    Sometimes it’s worth it to take the longer route as it ofter provides a more scenic and memorable path as your road trip shows. I enjoyed the bucolic ride through your photos. I’d been to Johor Bahru many years ago. I crossed the border from Singapore and found JB to be a very clean, pleasant city. I wish to explore more of Malaysia someday.

  2. Thank you for reccomending the coffee stop! We’re glad the coffee was good for u to act as perk u up for such beautiful travelogues! We hope to see u again!

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