Impressions of Kathmandu

Kathmandu is the gateway into Nepal.

Hanuman Dhoka Durbar Square Kathmandu (1)

The capital has over 1 million inhabitants.

Kathmandu (14)

Lots of people.

Hanuman Dhoka Durbar Square Kathmandu (2)

Lots of pigeons.

Kathmandu (10)


Lots of traffic (and road congestions).

Kathmandu (15)

Dusty (thus brooms are in hot demand).

Kathmandu (12)

Lots of trishaws and old Suzuki taxi.

Kathmandu (1)

Lots of temples and places of worship.

Kathmandu (4)

Lots of ancient buildings with wood carvings.

Kathmandu (19)

Lots of lanes and chowks.

Kathmandu (16)

I love the lanes and Newar style buildings. It has similar feel like Old Dehli.

Kathmandu (20)

Lots of mini shops with limited space, and some below street level.

Kathmandu (17)

Many strong porters carrying all sorts of goods, from TV, cabinet to other unbelievable weights.

Kathmandu (18)

Lots of sunshine (people and animals really love the warm sunlight).

Kathmandu (2)

Incredible clear (really, no cloud) blue sky during the October – November months.

Kathmandu (8)

Half of the people just sitting stationary, and the rest rushing for activities.

Kathmandu (11)

It is a colourful city (after removing layers of dust).

Kathmandu (6)

Rich culture and heritage.

Kathmandu (13)

Lots of religious and heritage sites.

Kathmandu (3)

Most visitors only stay 1 days in Kathmandu because they know the best part of Nepal is outside of Kathmandu.

Kathmandu (5)

If you have 24 hours in Kathmandu, make full use of it and it may reward with some surprises (minus the dust and noise).

Kathmandu (7)

Welcome to be just another tourist in town.

Kathmandu (9)

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