Sample of Nepali Foods

I was ill during this trip thus my taste buds were malfunction.

Nepal (5)

I skipped many meals and living on energy bars and substitute drinks. So I couldn’t comment too much on the cuisine. I do like the popular Daal Bhaat (salad, tarkari vege, sag, achar, papadam, rice etc.).

hint: you get better cutlery for Royal Daal Bhaat, and not necessary better in taste.

Nepali Kwanti Soup

Legumes and beans were used as main cooking ingredient. I suspect it could be the main reason that cause bloated stomach.

Nepal (9)

Travellers seldom visit kitchen so that they have a peace of mind. When we were walking on the back lanes, we notice many of the oil used in many kitchen were …. black in colour.

Nepal (10)

I seen similar way to remove animal hair in some marketplaces. The goat was smiling at me.

Capati and puri are the common bread served in Napali breakfast. Up in the mountains, some lodges serve Gurung bread too.

Nepal (1)

It is good to bring torch light while walking or dining in any part of Nepal at night. It is part of the routine for electricity outage every night, everywhere.

OR2K Thamel

I love the lassi drink. I drank a lot during India and this trip in Nepal. My favourite would be mango lassi but now is not the mango season. So I opt for banana lassi.

Nepal (7)

Banana is sold by stick, not by weight. Each banana is about 10 to 15 Rupees.

Nepal (3)

I did not take many pictures of food as I have lost my appetite on most days. I did enjoy the famous momo dumpling in Chinese restaurant. In fact, momo is the Chinese dumpling, served as vegetarian or chicken momo.

Nepal (4)

Most tourists would go for western cuisines like pastry, pasta, pizza  etc. In general, the vegetable soup and fried rice are ‘okay’ in most restaurants.

Nepal (6)

Pakoda (fried vegetable cake?) and Tareko (fried potato chips) actually tasted quite good.

Nepal (13)

One would notice plenty of popcorns and snacks merchants on the road.

Nepal (12)

The nuts look quite tempting but I prefer caramel popcorn (and an epic movie).

Nepal (11)

Nepali cuisines seemed to have influence of Indian and Chinese cuisine. Spices were widely used in the cooking.

Nepal (2)

So it is relatively easy to be accepted by most travellers.

Nepal (8)

Because of my fever and flue, I drank lots of “Hot Honey Lemon Ginger” and forgot to try the Everest beer.

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