Annapurna Sanctuary Trekking (Day 1: Nayapul to Tikhedhungga)

After a good night rest in Pokhara, we took 1.5 hours bus ride to begin our 4.5 days trekking from Nayapul.

Nayapul 1070m

Pokhara situated in the low altitude valley, merely ~900m. Trekking from Nayapul started from ~1070m, and we will be overnight at Laxmi hotel (guest house) at Tikhedhungga ~1520m.

Ghorepani Trek (8)

The ‘gentle’ walked started around noon time across the low land terrains.

Ghorepani Trek (1)

What I could remember along this ‘beginner’ path was the dusty earth road with frequent passing by jeeps.

Ghorepani Trek (6)

Everyone was excited as we were still ‘fresh’ on the first few hours.

Ghorepani Trek (3)

Joyce skilfully crossing one of the many streams along the trek.

Ghorepani Trek (4)

Streams and suspension bridges were common sights.

Ghorepani Trek (5)

My favourite for Day 1 trek would be the terrace padi field.

Ghorepani Trek (2)

It was harvesting season and we were lucky to see the golden padi crops being harvested by the busy farmers.

Ghorepani Trek (7)

It was a miracle for city folk like me to trek for few hours and reach our first stop before sunset. We stayed at Laxmi ‘hotel’ and started our experience of limited hot water and electricity.

Laxmi Guest House

My fever started on first day of the trek, it could be due to dehydration and too much fried foods on earlier days.

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