Annapurna Sanctuary Trekking (Day 2: Thousands of steps to Ghorepani)

Many people would not comprehend why trekkers like to spend money to suffer? One of the challenging section of the ‘easiest trek in Nepal’ – Poon Hill trek, is to get from Ulleri to Ghorenpani.

Ghorepani Trail (1)

The ice-cream like Himalayan mountain was right outside our guest house windows at Ghorepani. It said it all for the reason why ‘stupid’ trekkers spent money and wasted their leaves to trek on the Himalaya foothills or summits.

To me, the journey itself was the main reward.

Ghorepani Trail (14)

We started with a raining morning that got most of us worrying. Luckily it was only a quick shower. In front of the group was Michelle.

Ghorepani Trail (2)

We were greeted by donkeys and ponies along the way.

Ghorepani Trail (3)

Everyone was excited to cross bridges. You could see the big wide smile on David and Christine’s face.

Ghorepani Trail (4)

Underneath their feet was gorgeous view of the emerald clear stream and mini waterfall.

Ghorepani Trail (5)

On the way to Ulleri, everyone’s excitements turn into sweats and panting breadths.

Ghorepani Trail (8)

Trekkers coming face to face with the notorious 3,000+ continuous ascending steps.

Ghorepani Trail (9)

The whole journey to Ghorepani was about 7,000 to 8,000 steps. The entire 5 days trekking exceeded 25,000 steps. That is equivalent to walking up 100 Batu Caves steps in Kuala Lumpur.

Ghorepani Trail (10)

Luckily we were rewarded by the fantastic scenic views and flora.

Ghorepani Trail (6)

The ‘Sakura-liked’ flowering tree was my favourite flora. Passing by the villages were also a blessing.

Ghorepani Trail (12)

Village could mean potential (potential, not always) rest stop, toilet break or re-filling water supply.

Ghorepani Trail (11)

Sometimes simple things along way or a simple smile could be more memorable than the majestic mountains.

Ghorepani Trail (7)

Tourists come and go but Nepali who was born in the remote villages have less options.

Ghorepani Trail (13)

After the vegetarian lunch break, my legs were so tired that I rather take a cat nap.

Ghorepani Trail (15)

Reality set in that we must make it to Ghorepani before sunset, else the temperature could drop rapid without the sunlight.

Ghorepani Trail (16)

The terrain passing through Naya Thanti turn into forest trail underneath the tree canopy.

Ghorepani Trail (19)

I got the feeling like we were the hobbits in Lord of the Rings, walking through the eerie forest with short legs.

Ghorepani Trail (17) 

Poon Hill is the most popular trek, so we met other trekkers and locals every 100m or so.

Ghorepani Trail (20)

Christine and I were the slower ones, so it took us more than 7 hours to complete the journey.

Ghorepani Trail (18)

Slowness has one reward whereby I could steam 1 to 2 seconds to snap more pictures. Thanks to our guide (leader) Arjay who helped Christine to manage her day pack, so appreciate Joyce and Serena who kept us company.

Ghorepani Trail (21)

We finally made it to Ghorepani before minutes before sunset. The temperature inside our room was below 8 Celsius. My fever and flu was worsening that I couldn’t feel my limbs.

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