Pokhara (Centre of Nepal)

Pokhara is the second most popular tourist destination in Nepal after Kathmandu.

Pokhara (9)

Most trekkers adore the magical Himalayan mountains and do not like the dusty + noisy capital (Kathmandu), Pokhara is a town between the mountain and civilization.

Annapurna III 7555m

Many of the world tallest mountains are visible for any part of the city. The mountains appear nearer and so reachable. Annapurna III is taller at 7555m but the spot light lands on the famous ‘fish-tail’ mountain Machhapucchre (6993m).

Machhapucchre Fish-Tail 6993m

Fish-tail was visible from our hotel. The morning golden light provides the best highlight to the easily recognize outline of the landmark.

The World Peace Stupa was also visible from our hotel room.

Pokhara (1)

Pokhara has Phew (Fewa) Lake to provide a distinctive attractiveness as compared to other Nepali towns.

Pokhara (8)

Visitors can row boat to visit the Barahi Temple resides on an island within the placid lake.

Pokhara (7)

I love the colourful boats floating along the lakeside, waiting for admirers to row them on the lake.

Pokhara (2)

Could you notice the tiny bird resting on the colourful boat?

Pokhara (3)

More adventurous visitors would definitely join the paragliding from Sarangkot hilltop. It provides stunning view of Pokhara with Himalaya mountains at the backdrop.

Pokhara (6)

Other attractions include Mahendra Gupha Cave, where you could view the Devi’s Fall inside the cave. Some may visit the Tashling Tibetan Village nearby, or have a tea break at the International Mountain Museum. If you have more time, perhaps visiting the Old Bazaar could have different feel as compare the Lake Side shopping street.

Pokhara (5)

Pokhara is like a hotel reception for trekkers. Visitors tend to stop by the town at the beginning and end of their treks or climbs. I couldn’t agreed more that Pokhara is a better town to get rest than the bustling Kathmandu.

Pokhara (4)

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