Boudhanath Stupa–the center of mandala

The Boudhanath (a.k.a Boudha, Bouddhanath) Stupa is one of the largest stupas in the world.

Boudhanath (11)

Like Borobudur, both structures are UNESCO World Heritage Site, and both are large ancient Buddhist stupas designed based on mandala.

Boudhanath (7)

Boudhanath situated about 10km from Kathmandu city center. It has been a pilgrimage site for Tibetan and Buddhist for the past century.

Boudhanath (8)

Because the location is situated at the center surrounded by Himalayan mountains, the stupa is believed to have sacred natural energy.

Boudhanath (10)

The symmetric dome of the stupa is ~120m in diameter and 43m tall.

Boudhanath (1)

Beneath the dome has a terrace of 108 deities.

Boudhanath (3)

Pilgrims and worshipers made their prayers in clockwise direction. Turning the prayer wheels (mani) fixed on the wall and reciting mantras.

Boudhanath (2)

Most of the devotees are from the Tamang community. I saw many people that dressed that Tibetans.

Boudhanath (6)

The origin of the stupa remains a mystery but many interesting legends and stories related to Boudhanath.

Boudhanath (12)

General believe that the structure started as smaller stupa since 15th-16th century and developed to today’s scale. There is a circular row of multi-storey shops surrounding the stupa in circle.

Boudhanath (5)

If you are passing by this part of Kathmandu, it is worth making a visit to the holiest Buddhist site in Kathmandu.

Boudhanath (4)

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