Flora and Fauna of Nepal

I was lucky to spot some beautiful flora during the short visit to the low altitude mountains (2,000m~3,000m) and cities.

Himalaya (2)

Flowers always bloom wilder in cooler climate.

Mountain Discovery Lodge at Tadapani

At the valley city like Pokhara, the climate is suitable for flora and fauna.

Phewa Lake

Snow capped summit makes a good backdrop for the blooming flowers.

Fish-tail Lodge Pokhara (3)

November sky in Nepal never lack of blue (nothing but blue sky).

Fish-tail Lodge Pokhara (4)

The temperature during day time is just right for leisure walk.

Fish-tail Lodge Pokhara (1)

Colourful blooms could brighten the days for any visitors.

Fish-tail Lodge Pokhara (2) 

My favourite flora in Nepal is the sakura-like flowering plant (first picture). I do not know the actual name of this plant.

Himalaya (1)

Due to the colder climate, I notice the animal and birds tends to have extra layer of insulating fat.

Kathmandu (2)

Cows and pigeons were common sights especially near the proximity of Hindu temples.

Kathmandu (1)

We saw more dogs than cats in Nepal.


We saw white monkey and snake during trekking, but no sight of yak. Those who visit Chitwan would have better sighting of wildlife.


I came across this leech-looking worm near Jhinu. I thought there won’t be any leeches during winter month, it could be the sign of global warming.


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