Himalayan Sunrise and Sunset Views from Nagarkot

Nagarkot is a hilltop resort about 30km from Kathmandu.

Nagarkot (15)

Nagarkot situated at the Kathmandu Valley rim, thus provide vista view of the valley as well as the Himalaya snow cap summits.

Nagarkot (4)

visitors can take transport up to the hilltop without having to do any climbing or hiking. From the hotels or nearby hilltop, Nagarkot provides incredible vantage views from Annapurnas to Everest.

Nagarkot (10)

We decided to overnight at Nagarkot so that we can check out the sunset and sunset views in less than 12 hours.

Nagarkot (2)

Since the skyline was clear without any cloud, the sunset appears to be extraordinary ‘orange’.

Nagarkot (5)

We took a minute walk from our accommodation to the nearby hilltop temple to view the sunset.

Nagarkot (3)

Sunset to twilight has longer duration as compare to sunrise. People can take longer time to savour the magical moments on sunset.

Nagarkot (6)

Sunrise is harder for most people because we often have to get ready hours before the dawn break.

Nagarkot (11)

And the sun often impatient to jump out within seconds.

Nagarkot (13)

Minutes later it would be too bright and your stomach would remind you time for breakfast.

Nagarkot (12)

I went up to the viewing tower about 5km from town (1 hour walk, recommend to take a 15 minute car ride), where one can get 360 degree view of Himalaya ranges.

Nagarkot (8)

Kathmandu valley is just down below the mountain range.

Nagarkot (7)

The sunrise at Poon Hill was more dramatic, probably due to the fact that viewers have to trek for 2 days to reach the hilltop. Nagarkot is more accessble with 1.5 hours drive from Kathmandu.

Nagarkot (9)

Next, we are heading to Bakhtapur, my favourite town in Kathmandu Valley.

Nagarkot (14)

I had enough sunrise and sunset views in 2012, probably exceeded my life time quota Smile

Nagarkot (1)

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