This post is dedicated to the people of Nepal for their hospitality.

Nepalese (10)

Firstly I have to give a big THANK YOU to our trekking guide and porters. Two handsome guys in the picture above who look like Bollywood stars are Krisna and Kumar. Other heroes who assisted us in a big way were mentioned in the Poon Hill trek.

Nepalese (13)

Due to the harsh environment and unstable politics, many Nepalese are living below the poverty line.

Nepalese (17)

Many Nepalese men have to leave home and find a living abroad in countries like Malaysia.

Nepalese (3)

Given with a choice, no one like to leave friends and families, and do tough labours overseas.

Nepalese (12)

Most Nepalese are Hindus but other religions are practiced too, such as Buddhism, Islam, Christian etc. I met this lady resting after performing the dialy prayer ritual in a temple.

Nepalese (4)

This gentleman sitting outside his shop at Patan.

Nepalese (5)

The elderly lady was bathing under the warm sun at Pokhara.

Nepalese (1)

Due to the cold temperature in the morning, I also learn to enjoy the warm sun rays.

Nepalese (19)

You can notice insects and animals also like to sun bathing in the high altitude country.

Nepalese (14)

Many senior citizen like to spend their leisure time around the public square or roadside.

Nepalese (2)

chatting with friends.

Nepalese (20)

Nepalese (21)

The younger generations were mostly doing tradings or handiworks.

Nepalese (6)

The ladies were steaming ‘momo’ (dumpling) ready for sales.

Nepalese (16)

Trishaw operator was waiting for his next passenger in Kathmandu.

Nepalese (8)

The brassware merchant was happy to pose for us in front of the glittering brassware.

Nepalese (9)

There were many portable carts selling popcorns, nuts, snacks in every street.

Nepalese (7)

Tourism remains one of the main economic activities. Besides tourism hospitality trades, the crafts and artworks are important source of income in tourist area.

Nepalese (15)

My favourite venue is visiting wet market. Strange enough, I couldn’t find a dedicated large wet market in Kathmandu. The trading of vegetables and food ingredients were conducted along the junctions in most communities.

Nepalese (11)

I will publish another post focus on the wet market stalls and activities.

Nepalese (18)

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