Nepali Children 2012

People is my favourite subject during travel.

Nepali Children (9)

And children offer the purest smile and friendship.

Nepali Children (2)

Children are the future hope for any nation, and man-kind.

Nepali Children (3)

I guess the family I met at the Pottery Square, Bhaktapur is Newar. The mother applied oil (lotion?) onto the newborn baby for sunbathing.

Nepali Children (11)

The toddler playing near the swing bed made of bamboo. The location was a tea shop to Chomorong.

Nepali Children (4)

A mother applied ‘eye shadow’ for the daughter at the quite alley @ Pokhara, with her younger brother overlooking with curiousity (or jealousy?).

Nepali Children (1)

It is always interesting to see how the local school uniforms look like.

Nepali Children (8)

Seemed like the girls having white collar shirt while the boys having blue collar shirt. I could be wrong (need more sample to verify).

Nepali Children (13)

His younger brother stayed at home while the bigger boy was going to school.

Nepali Children (12)

Many more children posed for the camera in Kathmandu city.

Nepali Children (6)

The proud parent always glad to let to their children interact with visitors, at least practice to say hello or goodbye.

Nepali Children (5)

I did not speak Nepalese thus the universal smile and sign language come in handy.

Nepali Children (7)

Some kids required more time to build trust before they produce the angelic smile.

Nepali Children (10)

The last 2 photos were the same girl we met on separate days. She was good in waving goodbye.

Nepali Children (14)

Hopefully education and stability would turn these children to be the pillars of Nepal in the near future. Wishing all the best and keep smiling.

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