Portraits of Napalese 2012

There is a story behind every face.

Nepali (1)

As a passer-by, I did not have the chance to get to know everyone I met.

Nepali (7)

For that 1 second when they gave me a good eye contact, I know there lie a universal kindness.

Nepali (11)

Could you see the story their eyes were speaking to us right now?

Nepali (8)

Portraiture is the most rewarding part of travel photography.

Nepali (13)

I am always grateful for these kind people who allowed me to take a portrait of them in close distance.

Nepali (5)

Some willing to stop their chore momentarily for a portrait.

Nepali (6)

Some like their present moment to be frozen in time.

Nepali (3)

They did not speak my language but willing to cooperate with a travelling stranger.

Nepali (2)

In that regard, I truly wish to bless everyone who interact with me during every trip.

Nepali (12)

Everyone who comes into our live is our teacher, touching our soul in one way or another.

Nepali (9)

I particular font of portraits with stories written on their faces.

Nepali (10)

This man with hat and spectacle reminded me of the lead character in the animation movie “UP”, Carl who floated his house using balloons to the top of Angel Falls.

Nepali (4)

They could be Sherpa, Thakali Tamang, Tibetan, Newar, Gurung, Tharu or other races. I couldn’t tell and won’t bother. They were the nice people in the moments I met them.

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