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The moments (2012 travelogue review part 3)

Here were some of the excited moments in 2012 where I was lucky to be presence.

Ta Prohm

Angkor complex, Borobudur and Prambanan and many other ancient sites are worth visiting.






People whom I met (2012 review part 2 of 3)

Every individual has a story behind them. So the faces and portraits always make longer impression than the sceneries. I am glad that I met them (and many others) in the past few months.

Siem Reap Children (8)

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Dusks and dawns (2012 review 1 of 3)

I am doing a review on some of the crazy moments in 2012 that we have to wake up before dawn or to chase the sunset.

2012 January @ Angkor Wat

sunrise at Angkor Wat (4)

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Sam Poh Tong 三宝洞

One of the tourist attraction in Ipoh is cave temples. Sam Poh Tong is one the 3 more popular cave temples in Ipoh.

Sam Poh Tong (1)

If I have to rank the 3 temples, my liking is in the following order:

(1) Kek Look Tong 极乐洞

(2) Perak Tong 霹雳洞

(3) Sam Poh Tong 三宝洞

Sam Poh Tong (6)


Kek Look Tong – impressive limestone caves (part 3 of 3)

Kinta Valley is famous for tin cores and limestone. One accessible place to view the magical works of nature in the form of limestone sculpture is the free visit to Kek Look Temple.

Kek Look Tong (32)

Most of the caves in Kinta Valley are around 250 to 350 million years old.

Kek Look Tong (28)

The towering Stalactite (grows from the ceiling) and stalagmite (grows from the floor). When they meets after million years of water dripping, column of pillars are formed. You can see the silhouette on the right.


Kek Look Tong–the cave of bronze statues (part 2 of 3)

Out of all the cave temples in Kinta Valley (Ipoh, Perak), Kek Look Tong did one thing absolutely right. That is to co-exist with the caves in the most possible ways.

Kek Look Tong (17)

Bronze was used to make the statues, and the copper colour blends nicely with the colour of the limestone caves.

Kek Look Tong (10)

Other decorative statues are about 2 inches high, almost invisible.

Kek Look Tong (15)


Kek Look Tong 极乐洞 (part 1 of 3)

Kek Look Tong could be one the more impressive cave temple in Ipoh (Kinta Valley).

Kek Look Tong (5)

It situated inside the residential area of Gunung Rapat, a small detour from Gopeng Road.

Kek Look Tong (4)

The garden behind the temple is surrounded by hills and has a nice pond (used to be mining lake).