Kek Look Tong–the cave of bronze statues (part 2 of 3)

Out of all the cave temples in Kinta Valley (Ipoh, Perak), Kek Look Tong did one thing absolutely right. That is to co-exist with the caves in the most possible ways.

Kek Look Tong (17)

Bronze was used to make the statues, and the copper colour blends nicely with the colour of the limestone caves.

Kek Look Tong (10)

Other decorative statues are about 2 inches high, almost invisible.

Kek Look Tong (15)

There are 10+ Taoist and Buddhist bronze statues in Kek Look Tong.

Kek Look Tong (14)

You need to explore high and low to find all the statues.

Kek Look Tong (11)

It is interesting to have only 3 relatively small bronze statues in the main hall. Other temples put giant status and crowded with statues and other objects. In Kek Look Temple, it is more natural cave than a temple.

Kek Look Tong (13)

This laughing Buddha looks huge but it is only few inches tall.

Kek Look Tong (18)

The bigger status are few feet tall, still relatively smaller than those statues in other temple.

Kek Look Tong (16)

It is really a pleasure to visit a cave temple where visitors could focus on the cave that is well preserved.

Kek Look Tong (12)

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