People whom I met (2012 review part 2 of 3)

Every individual has a story behind them. So the faces and portraits always make longer impression than the sceneries. I am glad that I met them (and many others) in the past few months.

Siem Reap Children (8)

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There are few faces that standout in 2012. The first being the little girl in Seam Reap.

Angkor Children (5)

Some Children are more fortunate in Cambodia. This girl in the local market was very cute. She saw us taking picture and purposely change to different clothing. We met her again on the next few days.

Siem Reap Children (11)

A honest coconut seller who sold young coconut cheaper than market rate.

Cambodian (3)

Back to Batu Caves Malaysia in February, devotees were ready for Thaipusam Festival.

Shaving on Thaipusam (2)

Shaving and bathing are part of the cleansing ritual before joining the parade.

Shower (1)

This brave kid is joining the parade too.

Kids at Thaipusam (2)

I was very lucky to be allowed to join his family for a close shot of the preparation ceremony. The close distance to the subject has very emotional impact.

Piercing at Thaipusam (4)

March 2012 held the National Craft Day in Kuala Lumpur.

National Craft Day 2012 (15)

Holi has to be the most colourful event of 2012.

Holi Festival 2012 (17)

In April, I went to Gua Tambun alone, face to face with this guy.

Gua Tambun Prehistoric Paintings (2)

In May, it is the festival time in Tokyo.

Japanese Costume (12)

One of the most memorable image of Tokyo was this little girl who creatively outline road (on the road) for little sister to ride on.

Japanese (4)

June, back to Putrajaya Floria 2012.

Putrajaya Floria 2012 (23)

Impromptu jamming session of a tourist at George Town.

George Town (4)

In Kuala Lumpur, the Anime Festival Asia (Malaysia) 2012 kicked off in PWTC.

AFA MY 2012 (4)

July, we ended up in Jogyakarta. Met these kids at Pasar Giwangan.

Pasar Giwangan (1)

There were few highlights on Jogya trip. One being the backstage view of the Ramayana Ballet at Prambanan.

Ramayana Ballet Prambanan (3)

Here was the view of the actual performance.

Ramayana Ballet Prambanan (7)

and the lucky encounter of the beautiful model at Ratu Boko.

Ratu Boko (4)

I plan a trip to Gunung Merapi not because of the volcano, but for the graffiti (the town was swiped out by the recent eruption).

Mount Merapi (5)

The cute ‘1 Malaysia’ kids at Malioboro Street.

Malioboro Street (10)

July, time for Bon Odori, guys and girls in traditional costume, dancing together in Shah Alam stadium.

Bon Odori 2012 (19)

August, passing by Tanjung Sepat.

Tanjung Sepat (5)

Pangkor Island.

Pulau Pangkor (1)

and Lumut.

Chinese Opera (6)

Met these 2 ladies in Bangkok. The customer and merchant told us different price when Christine wanted to try out the roadside facial treatment. End up tourist has to pay higher rate than the local.

Bangkok Chinatown (4)

October, big festival for the Nine Emperor Gods Festival. It was special milestone for the temple in Ampang which marked 150 years of the festival.

Nine Emperor Gods Festival 九皇爷诞 2012  (15)

At the same time, the Hindus also celebrating 9 days festival of Navarathiri. What was so special about this dancer was the fact that he was the only none Indian dancer in the performance at Central Market.

Navarathiri 2012 (2)

In October, I felt hungry, so we drove down to Kukup to have Asam Fish, and then dropped by Johor Bahru. it was fun to visit and to chat with 2 famous bakery shops. The image below was the owners of Salahuddin Bakery (1937).

Johor Bahru Old Town (7)

The highlight of 2012 has to be Nepal trekking trip, where we met a group of nice trekkers and the locals.

Nepali Children (9)

I met this Tibetan family at Boudhanath, every member of the group (friends and family) volunteering allow me to take a close portraiture of them (without asking for money like in other tourist area, that one has to beware of). Lovely folks.

Nepali (1)

And not to forget the hero of our Himalayan trekking trip, the porters and guide.

Sunrise at Poon Hill (9)

It was incredible feat to ‘run’ up the hills with 30-40KG at your back.

Ghorepani Trail (14)

And many more nice people we get to know in the trips and events. May everyone lives a happy life.

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