Trick Art Museum @ i-City

Just now we had a family outing with my colleagues. The venue was at the City of (man-made) light, i-City. So we were having fun at the Trick Art Museum and Snow Walk.

i-City Trick Art Museum (5)

Due to privacy rules, I did not like to reveal too many photos of friends, families or co-workers in this travelogue, so I sacrificed to show human interaction with some of the trick arts.

i-City Trick Art Museum (3)

The quality of the artworks and lighting are average. Luckily the entrance fee is not too excessive (RM5), so it could be a fun place to hang out for an hour.

i-City Trick Art Museum (6)

I think the museum should paint the Life of Pi (with the tiger) …

i-City Trick Art Museum (1)

If you have ever been to Time Square, you could find similar T-Rex on the wall drawn (about 10 years ago).

i-City Trick Art Museum (4)

There were more fun arts that you should explore on your own, before I tear this place apart.

i-City Trick Art Museum (2)

As compared to the Trick Art Museum, I feel the Snow Walk was a bit over priced.

i-City Snow Walk (1)

If you plan to stay in the car-park-converted’ freezer for a longer period of time, do wear warm clothing, proper footwear and a pair of glove.

i-City Snow Walk (3)

Majority of the ice sculptures were in poor conditions. I hope the management could do a better job to maintain the attractions.

i-City Snow Walk (2)

We ended the evening with a short tour to the LED ‘park’.

i-City (2)

It is better to visit i-City after 6pm to get the flat rate parking fee.

i-City (1)

Overall, it was a fun evening with my colleagues for the outing.


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  1. I love the cow and the penguin.

    July 8, 2013 at 8:59 am

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