A week to the Year of Snake 2013

The footstep of Chinese New Year is approaching.

Chinese New Year 2013 (6)

Red colour is considered as the auspicious ‘theme colour’ during Chinese New Year.

Chinese New Year 2013 (1)

If you are overwhelmed by the blinking gold and shining red ornaments, give your eyes a break with some greenery.

Chinese New Year 2013 (5)

Mid-Valley Mega Mall is one of the leading shopping mall in Malaysia famous for its festive decorations.

Chinese New Year 2013 (10)

Flowers are the central theme. Nice (fake) cherry blossom trees filled the centre court with bamboo structure.

Chinese New Year 2013 (7)

Every year, florists will come out with ‘prosperous plant of the year’ to attract consumers to buy new kind of plant to bring lucks and fortunes. Miniature red pineapple is the plant for 2013.

Chinese New Year 2013 (9)

Snake is one of the less popular zodiac figure. Not everyone like to have snakes lying around their house.

Chinese New Year 2013 (4)

As long as you have a positive mind, any plant could be auspicious and beautiful. Personally, I would prefer live plant than plastic flowers.

Chinese New Year 2013 (8)


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