Botataung Pagoda

Although the magnitude of this pagoda is not as big as Shwedagon Pagoda, Botataung Pagoda is the first temple in the world with the sacred hair relic of Buddha.

Botataung Pagoda (7)

Visitor can pay homage to the relic kept inside the pagoda.

Botataung Pagoda (11)

The base of the pagoda is not solid, so visitors can walk inside the gilded chamber.

Botataung Pagoda (1)

This temple was build before Shwedagon Pagoda. The story of two brothers who brought the 8 strands of Buddha’s hair relic from India to Okkalapa was depicted in the gallery.

Botataung Pagoda (12)

The name Botataung means 1,000 military warriors, who escorted the delivery of the hair relic in 6th century B.C.

Botataung Pagoda (2)

Devotees come to pray at the temple compound. Bathing Buddha is a ritual practiced by many locals, including visiting Buddhists.

Botataung Pagoda (10)

There is a tortoise pond with a covered bridge to another shrine.

Botataung Pagoda (4)

The local worships Nats in the shrine. Nats are the guardian spirits practiced by Burmese before Buddhism wide spread in Burma.

Botataung Pagoda (3)

Fruits, flowers and incenses are the typical items used as offerings.

Botataung Pagoda (13)

Botataung Pagoda (9)

Ancient Burmese invented Mahabote, a form of astrology. You can always found a octagon shape with 8 Buddhas and 8 animal zodiac. It represents 8 days in a week (with double Wednesday). You can find out your Burmese zodiac from this website.

Botataung Pagoda (8)

Botataung Pagoda located at the river bank. One can make a short walk to the ferry harbour.

Botataung Pagoda (6)

Entrance fee to Botataung Pagoda is USD2.

Botataung Pagoda (5)

There is a bronze Buddha image returned by British to Myanmar on 1951. It was housed (on the West end) of Batataung on 1981.

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