Buildings in Yangon City

Yangon has lots of colonial architectures that portraits its hay days.

Custom House Yangon 1915

Lonely Planet (Page 54) has a nice walking tour route for Yangon City. The picture shown above is Custom House built in 1915. Along the same road, there are many more impressive (in term of size) but semi-abandoned buildings.

Yangon Building (7)

Yangon is a relatively modernized city but yet you can find many people living below the poverty line (especially if you take the circular train to visit the outskirts).

Yangon Building (2)

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I discovered that someone actually living inside this small store-room like structure. It is right besides a busy street.

Behind the tiny structure was a old railway building.

Yangon Building (3)

As the country is gradually opened up to the world. Foreign investments start the development wheel in Myanmar. Many old structure that I saw now will soon be gone.

Yangon Building (5)

People are still living in these ‘old Shanghai’ kind of buildings.

Yangon Building (6)

We saw many new construction projects started in the city.

Yangon Building (1)

So many of the housing flats may make way for new commercial buildings.

Yangon Building (4)

The old town was dominated by structure like above. The ground floor is normally serving as shop front.

Yangon Building (9)

The picture below is a typical size of the shop. In fact, it is a pharmacy.

Yangon Building (10)

When we visit the newer part of the city, it is no different as compared to most city in South East Asia. You can readily see many branded stores.


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