People of Yangon

Meeting people is my favourite part of any trip.

People of Yangon Myanmar (7)

We could learn something about local folks by their attire, posture and activities.

People of Yangon Myanmar (16)

In Bagan or rural town, a hard day labour could earn 1500 Kyats (USD2). It reminds me how lucky am I when I ordered my Starbucks coffee. These construction workers at Yangon invited me to take of picture of them. They were so contented with just a glimpsed of their photo from the LCD screen.

People of Yangon Myanmar (6)

Despite the hard life at lower rank society, many Burmese are still friendly and very religious.

People of Yangon Myanmar (1)

Religion is inseparable part of most Burmese lives.

People of Yangon Myanmar (2)

I will dedicate another posting about the monks and nuns in Myanmar.

People of Yangon Myanmar (13)

Another immediate observation by foreigner on the Burmese ladies face would be the thanaka cosmetic. The pale yellowish powder like patches on the face is made from ground tree bark/stem.

People of Yangon Myanmar (8)

The picture above was artist’s impression and the photo below is the real person.

People of Yangon Myanmar (14)

Many tourists also joined the fun of putting on thanaka cream (with creative patterns and drawings). It was a traditional cosmetic to shield the skin from bitter hot sun in Myanmar.

People of Yangon Myanmar (12)

There are plenty of rich people in Myanmar, driving fancy SUV and their children are playing with iPad. The ordinary folks will create their own toys and games.

People of Yangon Myanmar (4)

Some kids have to help their parents as vendors on the street.

People of Yangon Myanmar (5)

Many elders are still working for a living. It was high noon (look at the shadow of the tricycle) and this old man is repairing his bike without any shelter. The temperature on that day in Yangon was 37 Celsius. Temperature can soar over 40C during summer.

People of Yangon Myanmar (11)

When you pass by any park and see umbrellas, it will be a special scene only found in Myanmar (at least not as popular in other country).

People of Yangon Myanmar (3)

When we walked pass the Kan Daw Gyi Lake, we discovered the action(s) behind the umbrella. You can see so many umbrellas by the roadside and park, very unique way of dating.

People of Yangon Myanmar (10)

Next, I will share the similarly interesting street views of Yangon. The hotel that we stayed in are using the same old air conditioner (without remote control).

People of Yangon Myanmar (9)


2 responses

  1. Watching your photos brought me back to one of my favourite countries I’ve ever had the chance to visit. Thank you for that trip down memory lane.

    April 10, 2014 at 6:49 pm

    • Hi Jordon,
      Myanmar is indeed a hidden gem for travellers. I guess the country may look very different in the next 5 to 10 years.

      May 3, 2014 at 6:54 am

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