Yangon Street View (part 1)

The most interesting transportation in Yangon city is the world war II kind of public buses.

Yangon (2)

Unlike India, we have not seen any elephant or camel on the street, but we saw the white elephant in Hsin Hpyu Daw park (northern Yangon). The pathetic animal has been chained up to bring good luck to the authority.

Hsin Hpyu Daw

The city has a mixture of old and new vehicles. The majority is Japanese brands like Toyota and Suzuki.

Yangon (6) 

Most of the rich people have driver on 4WD or SUV. 4WD is a good choice giving the fact that the road conditions outside the city are not yet in good shape.

Yangon (7)

Train and buses remain the main form of transportation for the general public.

Yangon (1)

Two weird traffic phenomenon in Yangon:

a) motorbike is banned by the authority. Only police and postal officers are allowed to ride a motorcycle.

b) vehicles are right hand side but drive on the right lane.

I have to get use to the opposite direction of the traffic whenever crossing the road.

Yangon (3)

Food stalls are still on push cart or bicycle, similar to those found in Indonesia.

Yangon (5)

The country is on the dawn of transformation, you could see the youngsters dancing Gangnam Style while the older generation still living in the 1970s style.

Yangon (4)

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