Yangon Street View (part 2)

I prefer walking on the street than touring by tour bus. It is more time consuming and physically challenging, but I got the ground level view of the activities.

Yangon (4)

One good example was witnessing how a barber was dying hair with a bowl of black pigment.

Yangon (11)

Drop by any interesting temple.

Yangon (6)

The Burmese folks are very religious.

Yangon (1)

You could see the local like to give offerings, including free water to the public and food to the animals and birds.

Yangon (7)

Any interesting finds like a big piece of marble stone will be turned into offerings. An example was the large single piece of marble being transported from Mandalay to Yangon, and being carved to become today marble statue in Kyauk Daw Kyi.

Kyauk Daw Kyi

One can find Buddha or Nat images everywhere on the street.

Yangon (3)

There are churches, Singh temple, masjid and Taoist temples in the city.

Yangon (5)

I noticed the nuns and monks have different practice as compared to those in Bagan or Thailand. The standard practice for Buddhist monks/nuns will be receiving food donations early in the morning (~7am), and go back to the monastery for dining around 10am. They only eat once a day and the rest of the time are used for learning and spiritual practices.

A large group of nuns and monks were seen at Bogyoke Aung San Market keep circulating and ask shops and tourists for money donation. So I am not sure if they are genuine. In Malaysia, they are plenty of fake monks and nuns, and it has been a well known scam.

We met another group of nuns on the city street early in the morning.

Yangon (12)

I prefer to walk on the old town area like Little India which has more activities on the street.

Yangon (13)

There is flea market and night market at old town from Little India to Chinatown.

Yangon (10)

Every street has specialize trade such as clinic, sign-board, umbrella etc.

Yangon (9)

It takes 4 to 8 hours to cover most of the streets and lanes in old town area.

Yangon (8)

It is a good way to see the colourful side of Yangon.

Yangon (2)

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