Temples @ Myinkaba

Myinkaba region is between New Bagan and Old Bagan.

Abeyadana Temple (7)

Abeyadana Temple was surrounded by a cluster of temples. One could pass by without paying attention because the temple just look like 2,000 other temples in Bagan.

Abeyadana Temple (3)

The temple was Type iII temple built in the 11th Century by King Kyanzittha, name after his wife. You could find paintings inside the temple, and stone carving near the temple.

Abeyadana Temple (1)

We visited Abeyadana Temple on the next morning after we checked into hotel in New Bagan.

Abeyadana Temple (6)

My first impression was I am between Balinese temple and Angkor Wat.

Abeyadana Temple (4)

One could spend hours searching for details, murals and carvings.

Abeyadana Temple (5)

One could made a stop over to admire the mural inside the temple.

Abeyadana Temple (2)

We continue our temple-hopping further down the road – Manuha Temple.

Manuha Paya (1)

Next door was another 11th century temple, Nanpaya Temple. There were sandstone carvings inside the temple.

Manuha Paya (4)

We spent more time at Manuha Temple.

Manuha Paya (5)

The giant size sitting and reclining Buddha statues were impressive. It seemed almost touching the ceiling and walls.

Manuha Paya (3)

If you are traveling between Old Bagan to New Bagan, you won’t miss this large temple.

Manuha Paya (2)

Before reaching Old Bagan, we stopped over at Gubyaukgyi Temple, also known as Myinkaba Temple.

Gubyaukgyi (3)

This Indian style monument was built in 1113.

Gubyaukgyi (1)

Gubyaukgyi (2)

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