Dhammayangyi Temple (Bagan)

Kingdom of Pagan had built more than 10,000 temples, pagoda and monasteries between 11th to 13th centuries alone.

Dhammayangyi (1)

There were many reasons for the kings or noblemen built religious building. Some were to mark significant event or meaning, some were for blessing, and Dhammayangyi was likely to cover up the sin of killing his own father.

Dhammayangyi (5)

The larger magnitude of one’s guilt, the larger in size a temple might be constructed. King Narathu commissioned the construction of this temple in 1167 but he was assasinated in 1170 before the temple could be completed.

Dhammayangyi (2)

The temple was so big that my camera lens couldn’t fit in the entire building. So we walked up a nearby slope to take this picture. You can estimate the magnitude of this temple by comparing to the size of the tourists.

Dhammayangyi (3)

The 2 Buddhas sitting side by side (you do not see this very often) is Gautama and Maitreya, the past and future Buddha.

Dhammayangyi (4)


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