Htilominlo Pahto (Bagan)

Another large temple constructed in 1218 that stands 150 feet, but then, it just look like Sulamani Pahto.

Htilominlo Pahto (1)

If you flash a picture of a temple in Bagan, I gradually lost the sense of the name of the temple simply because they are so many temples.

Htilominlo Pahto (2)

Although we have seen hundreds of Buddha image in the last few days, each of them has unique expression or posture.

Can you see the white umbrellas besides the Buddha? King Nantaungmya built this temple because this was the spot where he was elected from the 5 princes. Heir to the throne was elected (‘god’s will) by the umbrella leaning to which brother.

Some are small (see the size the cup).

Htilominlo Pahto (4)

Some are medium size (see the size the man on the lower left corner).

Htilominlo Pahto (5)

And some are gigantic (like the Buddha image in Manuha Paya or the standing Buddhas in Ananda Pahto).

Htilominlo Pahto (3)

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